During school holidays last week, we were on holidays to Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS) which located at Persiaran Meru Raya 3, Bandar Meru Raya 3, Ipoh, Perak. With GPS location latitude 4.664521 and longtitude 101.083926.

This theme park offer over 40 attractions indoor and outdoor games in 6 themed zone (refer maps below)

Alhamdullillah Sara met her favorite smurffete in cunjunction with her birthday celebration.

Adam in the spaceship shuttle.

We are so proud Malaysia has a big theme park and the best in Asia.

Our children enjoy delicious and valuable dishes in the cafe



Where are we going kids for this time? My choice are nearby and entertaining places to fill our holidays. By using the waze application it will be easy to reach the destination. 

Operating Hours are as follows: 

Monday: 10am to 6pm  
Wednesday - Friday: 10am to 6pm  
Saturday, Sunday, School / Public Holidays: 9.30am to 6pm

 At least every visitor will spend 2 hours here.

So many giant torties here. You can feeding and selfie with the torties.

Sara was so excited as this is the first time she saw babies tortise and its eggs.

Ridding a little pony is only RM7 per ride. Sara jer boleh naik sebab berat tak lebih 40kg. 

Our kids exspeacially Haikal and Adam were so excited when they saw chicken everywhere. Macam tu lah budak bandar. Selalu tengok kat supermarket terus masuk periuk aku masak....mencicit lah ayam tu Adam kejar ke hulu hilir. kalau nak bertelur mesti dok tahan dalam perut punyalah...hahahaha

They never saw a big chicken. Tapi kali ni Adam yang lari lintang pukang sebab terkejutlah dia ada ayam sebesar tu dia kata....that is Turkey lah Adam.

Gatallah kepala....tumpang garu yer cik kura-kura...hihihi...kalau dah namanya kancil memang cerdik.

Big swan there and Sara feel like she was a princess. She is dancing and singging happly when she throw foods for fishes. Tetiba aku teringat masa pi Bandung dulu. macam nak pi lagi jer...

The benefit when we bring our kids here is the animals are so tame and they are very close to us. This concept are call petting zoo.

Adam said "we want food, we want food." While smile happily along the junggle track.

First time dapat tengok giant Chameleon lizard.

The Procupine also were so big. More bigger than we have visited to Currumbin Park, Gold Coast Australia. Malaysia Boleh.



 Every where we go souveniors a cumpolsary item to bring back home.